Trip Report – Cuckmere River 1/7/18

Well it was a blazing hot day and a truly multigenerational group of paddlers collected together at Cuckmere canoe club for a pre-paddle picnic. Our leader may have brought the sunshine but forgot his paddle – an example to us all!! Some of the young ones (and Shaun) cooled off in the river before we all set off, meandering up the meanders then clambering over the bank to the River itself. The steep wooden steps provided an opportunity for some very spectacular seal launching lead by Danie who was the first to take the plunge! Off we went up the river, an armada of kayaks, opens, and a SUP – past bemused cows and a gaggle of geese and got a great view of the white horse on the hillside. There were lots of reeds to swish through (and get stuck in!) on the approach to Alfriston but we made it and the group went ashore in search of beer and ice cream. On our return to the water, John demonstrated a new move… ‘it’s not a swim if you still have one foot on the bank’ (see photographic evidence) but we were all soon back afloat and heading for home. River sped off downstream, fuelled by ice cream and leaving all the adults in his wake. The wooden steps at the end proved to be Sarah’s downfall (quite literally) – her impromptu swim is being blamed on Robbo with an assist from Sue! Sam was a hero dragging all the boats up the bank. A lovely time was had by all – we arrived back at the canoe club tired and hot but happy. Thanks to John for a great trip 👍