Swim Event Safety Award

Dear Local Clubs

For the first time we are offering swim event safety award (SESA) training. On Monday the 30th May, at Bewl Canoe Club there is an all-day training for all who are interested.

You may want to do this training day as something a bit different and never what to actually use it. If you did want to use it there a couple of local dates at the end of this email.

There is a £30 charge for this training. The days training should lead to the swim event safety award (SESA) by the end of the day. This is a day of learning how to be one of the kayak safety staff at an open water swim or triathlon event. These are great skills to learn if you are planning on being staff at an event or just attending for fun. http://bculifeguards.org.uk/swim-event-safety-award-sesa/

Last year several of our members were kayak safety at the triathlons at Hever Castle. It is a very responsible role, our members experience was they were in great teams and enjoyed the days very much – they even got paid! (photo attached)

If you are interested in taking part in this course the please let me know (secretary) and to secure a place pay £30 to Bewl Canoe Club (details of how to pay will be sent when you express your interest). Please do so asap.

The Hever Castle triathlon dates this year are: Bastion Triathlon (morning) – Sunday 10th July
Hever Castle Tri (full weekend) – Sat 24th & Sun 25th September. (http://swim-safety.co.uk/work-for-us/)

Hannah Fraser
Bewl Canoe Club Secretary.