Ouse Cruise Trip Report – May 2019

May bank holiday saw a small band of paddlers gather, slightly earlier than requested, in a car park by Barcombe Mill. After some dressing and a clear briefing from Cathe, we began to carry our boats to the put-in (I’m learning some new terms ! ). Help was offered to all and, after a careful entry, we set off. The weather was sunny/cloudy and dry, so we were all keen to set off for a long but gentle paddle. With Cathe at the front and Hazel at the rear “line of sight” was, mostly, well maintained.

We arrived at Isfield weir after a minor but entertaining diversion and after passing some casual paddlers that were leaving or returning to the pub and required a wide berth. After lunch a few brave souls (Sam and Linda) breached the weir, with Cathe and Steve in the water in case of a mishap.

The return journey was slightly colder and seemed shorter. If our journey was videoed the accompanying music could be drawn from”Tangled” for Sarah and Colin, who enjoyed some close moments with some trees ! Sarah bribed me to attempt my party trick but I had to try it in my kayak , this was a thinly veiled attempt to video me capsizing. I didn’t get wet but did mange to impress Sarah with my flexibility, naturally I had to repeat this on dry land but still in my full gear !
For those who saw it they can now remember my name as Terry the bendy guy.
This was a lovely first trip for me with a lovely group of people, we had fun and fellowship and a couple of Jaffa cakes too ! Thanks to one and all.