North Wales trip report August 2019

After a night of wild weather at the campsite we gathered at the café at the Whitewater Centre for the morning briefing. One group went off to paddle the upper T whilst Linda coordinated the car-shuttle arrangements which seemed quite challenging enough for that time of the morning.

The whole group got on the water ready to paddle the (very full) lower T together, but one member decided to swim to test the water temperature within the first 10 paddle strokes (possibly a record?).

Once the water temperature was established the two groups moved down the river having a great time and learning lots from attentive and skilful coaches. We saw a couple of rolls and a couple of swims during the day but all in all a great day’s paddling. There was a second run of the upper T for some and then back to the campsite for a tea party in the caravan!

No-one knows why all the other customers left the room we were dining in but dinner at the pub was a chance to rest and refuel before a dryer night on the campsite but still with plenty of wind to keep the camping exciting.

Sunday began with striking camp and meeting at the centre for the same timetable as the day before. The upper T group did a mix of showing off, learning and stretching their skills while the others ran long the course to watch this time then it was all in the water for a very enjoyable run of the (slightly less full) lower T. Another great day with just one swim on Bala Mill Falls and plenty learnt along the way.

The most hardcore of the group did one more run of the upper T (Danny and Esther) while others washed down, dried out, had a cup of tea or headed straight home.

Thanks to everyone for positivity and good company and especially the coaches for generously making it all possible.