Lee Valley Weekend 29th-31st July 2016 – trip report by Adrian Sadler

After usual busy Friday afternoon traffic Robyn and I arrived at Theobalds park, seeing the reception sign we walked into a plush lobby. After inquiring if this was for the campsite we were informed (unsurprisingly) that its not and directed in the correct direction. We found our porter cabin type building and knew we had arrived.
After being shown to our pitch we started to set up, and was joined byVanessa and soon after Danie when camp was set, under an angry black cloud we made tracks to LV for the 1st time of the weekend. Robyn, Danie and I booked on the L 18:30 slot with Vanessa watching on.
An uneventful warm up and familiarising with the ever changing course. greeted on our exit by Darren and partner, We changed and headed for the barbecue serenaded by the live band. After burger and 1st of many portions of chips we headed back to camp, leaving Darren at the plush lobby.

Following an early rise and leisurely breakfast in the sun Vanessa departed 1st to take the opportunity of a quiet early slot on the course, followed shortly by the rest of the campers and hoteliers.
Upon arrival at LV greeted by Jen, Adie, Cath,Neil,Nick,Daniel,Dave, collected bibs for our corresponding slots. With a few egger members on L at 10 and rest joining at 11, including Adie and Cath being cached by Gary Archer, with almost half the boats on course being members there was plenty of advice and help for all.
At 12 was time for my O assessment and with L closed a crowd had assembled to watch on, not sure if they wanted to see success or carnage i ignored the best i could. With Being thrown in at the deep end halfway down the course, and a mainly successful full course run i passed. After quick congratulations it was everyone back on L for more coaching, low brace advice and fun.
End of the session brought time needed for rest and re-fuel with yet more chips. The afternoon re-connived with arrival of Esther for caching and L assessment time for Adie and Cath. After an unexpected delay they arrived on course with a stand in assessor to ace it in recored time. Unfortunately it also brought the only injury of the weekend with the meeting of Danie’s face and the bow of another boat ( a non-member) receiving medical care on site and taken to a&e by Vanessa.
The last hour saw a few more energetic members encouraged by Robyns persuasion of one more hour. And the start of departures. Then it was time to pack up and head to the local pub, joined by Dave, Jen, and re-united with Danie and Vanessa for evening meal of mixed grill and more chips. Then campers back to site, Jen to sisters and Dave home.

adrian olympic2 adrian olympic

Sunday morning after leisurely breakfast and breaking camp, back to the playground. This time meet by John Kennett, Will, Flo, Christopher Page, Flora, Dave Brown, and Janet Brown With another change to the course, all on L at 11 with coaching for Kennett and co by Glenn and Page fam with Gary.
Course closed at 12 so Coffee and more chips. 1oclock saw everyone plus a late arrival for Caroline Featherstonhaugh on a fully booked L except me who was found back on O, even playing in some of the smaller holes.
Afterwards departures started, which left Jen, Caroline, Robyn and me to squeeze in one more hour before packing up eating more chips then headed home, tired but smiling.

:Most hours – Robyn = 9
:Assessments passed – L = Adie, Cath. O = Adrian
:members on course – 20
:Total hours – too many to count!