Chichester Harbour camping weekend 15 – 17th July 2016 – Trip Report from Jen Hagen

Having missed the Friday night antics, which sounded like they involved a few drinks and Dean trying to climb out the window of his tent, I arrived to find a fairly relaxed camp site on Saturday morning.

With predominately blue sky, and after a very formal looking coaching huddle – (it was the formal looking clip board that made it!), it was briefing time. All ready now to take our boats down to the water and completing varying degrees of preparedness for our biggest hazard of the day… that big thing in the sky!

Setting off and it seemed that our pace makers for the weekend would clearly be young Aly alongside the wisdom of Suzanne. After a lovely morning paddle, setting off from Cobnor paddling down Chichester channel to East Head, we arrived at a sandy beach. Leaving Adie Buckingham and a few others to guard the boats – Adie with his feet up becoming a statue for a few hours – we headed off to see West Wittering beach and get ice creams. Upon returning and finding Adie hadn’t moved, the group chilled out, some had a snooze and a few went for a swim. As the tide turned and the wind picked up it was time to set sail home.

The returned trip primarily involved a viking ship and a raft, carrying half the club back, thanks for the lift Adrian and sail Nick Dowling. Making good time back, everyone arrived a little tired and the group was soon huddled around a camp fire, eating the world’s biggest marshmallows! Patience Cath Adams, that perfect marshmallow will be worth it!

After a late night of raving with the farmers next door, it was an early start, with everyone at the briefing and on the water on time!!! Is this really an Adur trip!?! Heading the opposite way up the channel to Dell Quay, we followed the moored boats, eventually stopping for a short break, where all anyone wanted to talk about was bacon! Since the wind had picked up a bit, the opens recruited extra hands to get them back, with Neil and Robbo becoming an old bickering couple!

Upon returning, having paddled just under 6 miles each day in all variety of boats, a quick huddle up and big thanks to John Kennett for arranging a great trip and bringing the weather and music – it was time to pack-up camp and head home.

Summary of the trip:

Pace makers – Aly and Suzanne
Best sail – Mary Poppings Neil Gladman
Inventing new BCU stroke – Robert Bonner, drifting stroke
Best style – Dean Castle and Karen Atkinson
Best acceleration – Dave Page and Co
Best tan line arms – Adrian Sadler
Best tan line legs – Dave Page
Best tan line hands – Jen Hagen
Best sun glass tan lines – Steve
Best tan line feet – Wills
Donation of the weekend – Craig donating speedo’s to Robbo

Pictures can be found on the club FB page 🙂