Chi Harbour Trip June 2019

The trip started off with a delay getting home due to roadworks. However, having packed and collected my passenger we were making time until passenger (lets call her Sarah R to protect their identity) caused a wrong turn by distracting the driver (previous for this) and adding another 20 minutes onto  the journey.

Arrived and unpacked, just about to start tent pitching when the call to the river came. As its always a good idea to paddle off the hardy ones went. This endeavour was given the seal of approval quite literally on the water 3 minutes and there was a seal. A lovely sunset paddle up towards Bosham until it got to shallow ensued for John, Mike, Suzanne, Sarah, Vanessa Cath and I. An attempted ram raid on the back of a boat by a respected member was undertaken. Such behaviour from a friendly club. Returned to camp only to find my spot had been taken by the super deluxe glamping accommodation of Dave and Chris’s Caravan.

We then played the old camp game of game of how many people does it takt to put up a tent.

Results: Rob 2-man tent 1(with coffee from the tent pitch nickers so forgiven), Sarah one-man tent 4 plus a bonus Cath to rearrange all the pegs. This was beaten by Dean and Karen the next day with 10 people but a larger tent that took over the rest of the field

Meals cooked late night frisby/football/tennis followed with all the kids, Flo, Dave Sarah (if you want to keep younger campers amused bring a Sarah she is always on the go) until its too dark to see and then some.

To my shame it was when replying to a comment of if the toilets are right over there how do you clean your teeth I got as far as “with a tooth-“ when with mounting horror I realised I had left the wash bag at home. I would like to thank those who offered (well insisted) on lending toothpaste and other toiletries but was constantly reminded of this (Welfare office ??). It was with delight and amusement that marshmallows came out to be roasted over a fire and our younger campers educated the novice campers on the process.

Saturday started with a tired Sarah due to a cold face but has now been received instructions on how to use a sleeping bag (although don’t ask Robbo unless you want to get tied up in it),a friendly club. John on the other had found a beautiful spot for morning yoga.

Onto the water with a short trip to Bosham for ice-cream and some of the crowd (Sarah, Dave, Darren, Greta Eliah) tried out a rope/ tyre swing.

The Remaining Overly ambitious group headed a little further to Prinstead where their efforts were rewarded by finding the local scout group were selling tea. After a quick refill it was back to camp for lunch and a Curtis who had managed to avoid both trips.

The afternoon saw us all padling to East Head where chasing the ball for the lagers sped up. I will admit Dave Sarah and I were quite competitive, and accusations of underhanded splashing were alleged by the main culprit (SARAH again). Have I said this is a friendly club? At one point even splashing John and the paddling Gods extracted revenge by mysteriously allowing her bung to work

Chase the ball which got very competitive even to the point whilst chasing one ball a second appeared bouncing off the water and your humble reviewers head. Thanks DAVE! Well having arrived atEast Head a get out to stretch one’s legs and then a walk over the dunes for ice cream or a paddle “around the corner” for ice-cream. Well 4 Km later the let’s paddle a bit further passed the walkers who were all returning with their ice creams. Suitably refreshed it was back to camp and Curtis who seemed to have forgotten to get on the water again opting for Chichester instead. Back at base Chris kindly let me have ag go on her paddle board. I would like to tell you your amazing documenter was brilliant. If by that we can include turning when going straight, going straight wen turning, wobbling at time and a possibl swim.

Camp cooked dinners, pie and mash in an oven for some I hear. Kim & Tracy heading back to Saltdean rather than camp. I tried teaching Sarah but with footballs and frisby about I was on a losing battle but at least we ended up with something better than noodles we settled around the indoor campfire where marshmallows were toasted again. Talk turned to the fire retardancy of the shelter and ACC clothing. It will be interesting to see what the committee make of our idea for ACC balaclavas. This is a friendly club. So off to bed again where guess who found they had overdone the security arrangements on their tent. Cable tying the zip together (pirates blamed). That night some wild animal could be heard by Ian growling by a certain tent in the night. Consensus is a Gruffalo.

Sunday dawn came almost as bright as my & Caths sunburn as pots pans bowls and kettles go underway.

Todays exploits was a “Gentle” trip to Del Quay for lunch and our two non-campers returned to join us. Off we set a collection of Canoes Kayaks and SUP to dodge the boats. I won’t go into details of yet more splashing. Honestly you cannot trust some people. Ball throwing ensued. Curtis missing again its odd how he never ended up on the water. Dean paddled amazingly with a borrowed paddle and as photographs prove Karen took it a little easier. In fact, Dean was not the only one trying a different paddle as several were swapped and swapped again. See I told you this was a friendly club. Having arrived at Del Quay an overly ambitious group again followed John through jellyfish packed water to a huge flock of swans at Fishbourne and back whiles others enjoyed lunch on the beach or in the pub. Lunch over John called out right time to head back with “Rob finish that Pint” (never sure what happened to that glass) off we set again. The wind had got up so the Pirates hoisted sail (namely into Neil’s back I think) and off we went. Chris did an amazing job on the paddle board epically a she powered by what can only be a marooned island. Hazel and Erin had picked up an additional passenger on their tandem in the form of a large Seaweed looking creature with a feather in his cap on front of the boat. Ian G spotted a Peregrine Falcon on top of a cardinal marker so an extra treat there. Chichester Harbour is a beautiful place to paddle. Upon arriving back at the get off a few rolls were executed (note check you spray deck is in on both sides) first.

All tents down (Sarah Greta and Eliah football again) apart from Vanessa who decided to enjoy the peace and quiet for an extra night it was time to go. Just one last look at the water as it had been over an hour and we met Dean & Karren doing the same thing. Well packed happy, tired it was back to HQ to put boats away before home for a teeth brush and shower you will be pleased to know before a soft bed with a nightcap and fond memories of a wonderful trip with great (friendly) people. Thank You