Bye bye Thursdays, hello Tuesdays

We had our last pool session of this season at Wadurs tonight and it provided ‘safe, enjoyable learning’ for a broad range of paddlers as they have done since starting in October!  A warm, clean pool is a great place for developing things such as your water-confidence, support strokes, roll, ‘wrong-side’ roll, freestyle skills etc etc.  So, many thanks to the club coaches who have supported these sessions; I am looking at you – in alphabetical order – Darren, Jenny, Neil and Robbo 🙂  Winter 2016 pool sessions are likely to start on October 6th and will be managed via our super-duper new on-line booking system – more details later in the year.  Meantime on April 19th we will start back with our Adur Tuesday evening (Member only) sessions.  We aim to be on the water at 6.30 for informal, ‘fun-on-the-water’ paddling with no structured coaching or training.  Having said that, you never know when a  coach or paddler will: challenge you to ‘try this’, run an impromptu fitness drill, or lead the group to the harbour for some Summer surfing 🙂  As paddlers, we always look out for each other on the water but on Tuesdays there is more of an expectation that you can look after yourself than at our Sunday sessions where you will be 100% supported by the Duty Coach and others.  If you haven’t been to Tuesday sessions before and are unsure about coming along talk to a coach who will see you right and work out the best date/tide for you to join the fun!  If you are a non-member and you like the sound of this come and join us at one of our Sunday sessions to begin with – contact us via our Facebook page – and we will make it all happen.

See you on the water soon 🙂