Adur Canoe Club AGM Minutes 2016

Venue: 3rd Shoreham Sea Scout HQ. 6th April, 19.30

In attendance:
Cath, Caroline, Darren, Danny, Lisa, Matt, Danie, Suzanne, Hazel, Dean, Steve I, Dave P, Dave B, Neil, Ant, Graham, Adrian, Viki, Alex, Gid, Leon, Adie, Karen, Flora, Curtis, Jenny, Robyn, Sean, Janet, Lew, Nick (Chair)

Robbo (had to leave early), John K, Vanessa, Ian T, Lucy


1. Previous minutes – Lew Perren


2. Welfare report – Cath Adams

Lucy Austin stood down in January 2016. Cath Adams was asked and agrred to undertake the role.

Cath will revise tbe welfare policy and procedures over the next few months (Action Cath)

“a. Policy and Procedure

Issue to be resolved: Occasionally a parent has asked to leave their under 12 year old in the care of coaches. This is against club policy to for coaches’ take on parental responsibility. The coach that has accepted has then needed to ask another coach to remain with them whilst the parent returned from a separate paddle journey or gone off from their child.

ACTION: All coaches. Club policies need to be read by all coaches and a document signed to show these have been read. These will be circulated prior to the coaches meeting. The document stating these have been read and understood need to be signed by each coach before they can coach.
{Action all coaches)

b. Referrals

No referrals have been made to the Club Welfare Officer 2015-16.

c. Education and Training

Actions to be resolved by club coach meeting:

d. All level 2 coaches or above have taken the paddlesafe online course as a minimum:…/paddlesafe-new-online-child-protect…

Action: Can I please have a complete list of level 2 and above coaches ASAP. (Action Danny)

Action: Once coaches have taken this they must notify Cath with the email confirmation. Cath will cross check list of names from the BCU to check (Action coaches and Cath)

e. Anyone who has access to the members data base must complete as above.

Action: Can I please have a complete list of committee members or coaches that meet this criteria. (Action Nick)

f. Both the Welfare Officer and any coach that has regular or lone contact with under 18’s has attended Safeguarding and Protecting Children (Sports Coach UK) or equivalent:…/safeguarding-a…/training-/

g. A Duty Coach must be aware of policies and necessary practice and ensure they are carried out (Action Duty Coaches)

3. Membership report – Darren Davies

Approx 90 members in 2015/16, currently 49 which is very good so early in the year.

We have to enforce membership for paddlers due to insurance requirements.”

4. Finance report – Lisa Casey

“Main Account:
Opening (1/4/15): £6377.22
Closing (5/4/15): £6325.37

Deposit Account:

Paypal Acount:
£ 1,243.11

ACC Membership Fees from 1st April 2015 to 5th April 2016
Annual: £4215 (NB: £770 = for 2016/17 season)
Day: £431

Pool Fees from Sept 2015 – 31st March 2016:
Hire Fees – £2250
Income – £2078
Deficit – £172
Pending: 31st March payment
2 x sessions missing payments = 15th October and 26th November

Shoreham Sea Scouts:
Paying £40 since 18/12/15 – 1/4/16 (16 weeks)
Amended DD to £20 with next payment due 29/7/16

To Pay:
Membership Cards (now) ~£30
OCA (now) £60
BCU (Sept) ~£265
Wadurs: From April 1st to increase to £110. Billing for whole April but was the last date agreed as 7th or 14th April? (Action Alex/Nick to resolve)

5. Quartermaster report – Viki Carter

“Volunteered last Summer thought we’d do the rack tidy, get a kit list together and then just keep an eye on things. Changed a bit with AOAC closing down – will come back to that.
Bought new kit – skids for pack, sail for open (not used yet – any volunteers?), Wadurs rack (Thanks Danny & Cath for putting together). Boats: 2 river runners, 2 racers, MX, some Dagger RPMs & more G3s which mysteriously appeared (I think Danny had something to do with that) 4 Venture 445s (nomination for swim of the year) and being used for kayakathon for which they will be fully kitted out with buoyancy and nets for the front.

Highlights of the year – rack tidy – thanks to everyone who helped, special mention to Danie Bax, Alex & Hazel for undertaking the thankless task of tidying the cupboard. Also to our temporary member Julian for coming and helping even though he was only here a couple of weeks.
Then move out of the AOAC – thanks to everyone who helped load the temporary trailer, took & stored kit (esp Neil, Robbo, Tom & Lorna) and those who regularly brings kit to sessions for people to use including Dean & Lew saving Jenny & Robyn having to carry their boats on the bus! Danny for storing the trailer for much much longer than the promised week or so.

Now temporarily at the scouts – more thanks to those who came for the slipway clean – Adrian for sterling work with the jet washer, Dave for supplying and fixing new treds to the slipway, Karen & Cath for attacking the seaweed and barnacles and me, John Kennett & Ian Brown for excellent tea drinking and offering helpful comments!

Plans for this year – hopefully with a more (semi) permanent home we can move the remaining boats from the AOAC and relieve all those storing kit of it. At some point we’ll have a full boat & kit audit.”

6. Coaching report – Danny Gusterton

22 coaches.
7 have been active.

New level 2s, Nick, Sam and Lew.

Cath new level 1s.

Darren, Jenny and Nick have often been Duty Coach.

Danny happy to mentor people to be duty and do their SST.

Danny needs a copy of all coach certificates (Action Coaches)

Need to check all coaches are up to date (Action Danny)

Level 1 to do first aid update together, also need coach updates (Action Danny)

7. Trips report – Neil Gladman

Bushcraft trip next week, you can do just Sunday if you don’t want to paddle. £50 for Sunday, £65 for trip with camp. It is possibke just to do the Sunday paddle without charge.

21st May Nene WWC, introduction to whitewater. Organised by John K. Last year the juniors did great, the buddy system worked well and will be repeated this year.

June 3rd, Medway pitch and paddle. Brilliant trip last year, Darren’s music was a highlight. This year we are going to stay at Hop farm and shuttle.

16th July, Chichester Harbour.Thanks to Jim. Might camp over this year.

30th July, Lee Valley Week-Ender. Book your sessions individually. Louis passed his assessment last year. Good weekend for people who have not done their Legacy assessment to book. Some members will be camping overnight and paddling both days.

October, night paddle and meal.

Special thanks to Dave for leading the Dart trip and Danny for the Bude surf trip.

Neil asked for help with people coming forward to lead trips.

The Chair thanked Neil for the calendar of events and his excellent videos.

8. Election of Committee

The following were elected for next year:

Chairman – Nick Dowling

Secretary – Lew Perren

Head Coaches – Danny Gusterton

Membership Sec and Rota– Darren Davies

Quartermaster – Viki Carter

Social Sec – Adie Buckingham

Treasurer – Alex Rowe

Trip Organisers – Neil Gladman and John Kennett

Vice Chair – Darren Davies

Web team – Ant, Jenny and Leon

Welfare officer – Cath Adams

Young Person Rep – Will Kennett

Thanks to the following club officers who stand down this year:

Ray Cooper – joint Head Coach
Lisa Casey – Treasurer
Lucy Austen, Claire Williams and Caroline Featherstonhaugh – Social Sec
Lucy and Carolyne -Welfare Officer
Robyn Westwell – Young Person Rep
Ant Tyler – Sea Kayak rep
Steve Shearing – joint Trip Organiser

The Chair presented a small gift to Lisa for being the club treasurer for four years.

9. Chair review

First existential crisis.

Closure of AOAC. Thanks to Viki and Nick for arranging accommodation at Scout hut and everyone else for chipping in with boat and kit storage. Special thanks to Dean for storing and bringing so much kit so people could paddle.

We may be able to extend our facilities with the Scouts.

Second existential crisis.

Proposal for new slipway near club, 12m wide and would go to mid channel. Has now been delayed, and if does happen will probably be at Ferry Road.

Positive things.

Scout hut has worked well.

New membership online system working great.

New website will be great.

Trips great, thanks to Neil, Dave ,
Danny, Jim and Lew.

Everyone thanked Nick for leading us brilliantly through some difficult events .

10. Annual awards

The ‘Mac’ Award for Outstanding Achievement; in memory of Malcolm MacDougal, manager of Adur Centre when the club was formed. To be presented to the member who has achieved the most, both personally and for the club, over the past year.

Hazel Doyle

– The Mark Dare Junior Achievement Award; in memory of Mark Dare. To be presented to the junior member who has achieved the most over the past year.

Flora Monsell

– Swimmer of the Year; to be presented to the member (or in 2008’s case; members) who managed the most comical swim over the year.

Darren Davies and Neil

– Coach of the year; to be presented to the coach who contributed most to the club in the year.