What we do

We are based in the  3rd Shoreham Sea Scouts Headquarters, next to the Adur river and just north of the Norfolk Bridge (use postcode BN43 5LT to find us).  We offer members: year round Sunday sessions: indoor pool sessions in the Winter; regular, varied trips to cater to a range of desires and abilities, and, coaching towards some of the more popular paddlesport awards. We can provide all of the kit and equipment that you need to get ‘on the water’. Club members can also, within reason, sign-out club boats and kit to take and use away from club sessions.

If you would like to paddle with us then there is a brief summary of our sessions below and all the info you need can be found on our FAQs page.  If you have any questions or want to know more then please do get in touch via facebook or our contacts page.

To ensure our club insurance is valid anyone paddling with the club, on any occasion, must be a club member – either annual or day.  Coaches and Leaders will robustly enforce this rule. Membership details can be found here.

Sunday sessions (on the water (otw) for 10.00, be there for 09.30, finish 12.30)

We paddle on the wonderful Adur river every Sunday at 10.00 and it is a fantastic place to develop your paddlesport skills because it is very tidal. The tidal variation means that every session is different and we use a ‘Red-Amber-Green’ traffic light system to classify sessions according to difficulty, skills and activities. High tide sessions are ideal for beginners, whereas low tide offers near ‘white-water’ opportunities for practicing advanced skills such as ferry-gliding, breaking-in/out, S-turns etc. The tidal flow also allows us to do ‘trips’ up river towards Bramber or down river towards the harbour and beyond. Sunday sessions are led by a Duty Coach, who, supported by other coaches, will provide skills coaching and ensure ‘safe, enjoyable learning’. These sessions are free of charge to club members; non-members will need to pay a Day Member fee.

Tuesday sessions (otw for 18.30, be there when you can, finish; when we finish!)

Tuesday sessions typically run from April to September and are an opportunity for Club Members to do a bit more of their ‘own thing’ on the water.    Tuesday sessions are for only for experienced paddlers i.e paddlers who have done a ‘spraydeck test’ and have been to an ‘intro to moving water’ session.  There is a Duty Coach but no formal coaching although members are always willing to help others, offer advice and generally stick their oar in!  These sessions are free of charge to club members; non-members will need to pay a Day Member fee.

Friday pool sessions (otw 20.30, be there for 20.15, finish 21.30)

Friday pool sessions typically run from October to April and are held at Wadurs pool, Shoreham (BN43 6TE). They offer an excellent opportunity to develop ‘rolling’ skills and to keep paddling through the Winter if you don’t fancy the colder Adur climes. Pool sessions are overseen by a Duty Coach, generally supported by other coaches so that there is plenty of help for paddlers looking to develop their skills. There is a charge for these sessions but they are open to members and non-members.  Places at pool sessions must be booked and paid for in advance via our webcollect page – https://webcollect.org.uk/acc