Sunday start time changing to 10.00

Following consultation with club members and a decision at the AGM from Sunday 7th May our Sunday morning sessions will have an ‘On-the-water’ start time of 10am. Please allow yourself sufficient time to get kitted up/ready for a safety briefing at about 9.55 so that we can be on – and off – the water promptly. 🙂

Sunday start time moving to 10am

Following consultation and discussion within the club it was agreed at the AGM on April 20th that the ‘On-The-Water’ start time for Sunday sessions be changed to 10am.  This will take effect from the first Sunday session in May i.e. May 7th 2017

A Novice’s Perspective by Jas – The first of occasional posts/blogs about being part of Adur Canoe Club

Hi I’m Jas.   I’ve just turned 15 and I started paddling with the ACC in the spring of 2016.  Before I joined the club,  I really didn’t have that much experience with kayaking.  I’d just done a few fun trips on calm water and had mucked about on SUPs on holidays.  However, I really enjoyed the little kayaking I had done, so I thought I’d join the ACC so I could do it more often.

To start with I went to one of the club’s pool sessions that they run in the winter when it’s too cold and dark on the river.  It was quite odd turning up and seeing 15 kayaks in a little pool!  I didn’t really get to do much paddling but it was great for building up my confidence with capsizes.  Then, when the next green tide came around (beginners tide), I went out on the Adur.

I must admit, I wasn’t too taken by it after my first session, there was so much gear, so many different types of boats and I was by far the worst paddler on the water. Then, as I was a beginner I had to wait for green tides and so sometimes I had quite a long wait before I could get back in a boat, and the only thing that kept me going was my mum forcing me and not letting me quit!

Then one day I went to an amber tide (a slightly harder tide) and Jenny (one of the coaches) showed me that there was so much more I could do in a kayak. From that day on I have loved it! I started going to every tide. Admittedly I was absolutely rubbish and spent most of the session spinning on my first red tide. I was a right nuisance for Danny (another coach) but he just made it funny and encouraged me to keep trying.

Since starting with the club I have now learnt a bunch of new skills, tried out a range of different kayaks and canoes and have passed my BCU 2 star.  And now that the winter is here and we are in the pool again, my new goal is to learn how to roll! I’m making some good friends and am looking forward to maybe going on some of the trips the club does next year!

If you aren’t sure whether to try kayaking or not, I’d say go for it! It may seem difficult at first but hang in there and you’ll love it.

Nene Whitewater Centre trip

There will be a club trip to the Nene Whitewater Centre on Sunday 20th November.  We have exclusive use of the course from 12.30 to 14.30

The Nene centre is a great resource whether for getting used to moving water, practising catching eddies,  surfing the pumps, working on  your sidesurfing (and roll!!) at the ‘big drop’, playing in the wave half-way down, doing it all backwards, practising your rescue skills or coaching others.  There is something for everyone here.  A good video of the course can be found at

Pool sessions are here again

Our very popular winter pool sessions begin on Oct 6th at Wadurs in Shoreham from 20.00 to 21.30.  Places can be booked here –  and more details found here –

Farewell to Summer

With the evenings starting to draw in we will be finishing our Tuesday night sessions with our traditional nighttime ie in the dark! paddle on the Adur.  This year we will have a bite to eat at the Kings Head in Upper Beeding before paddling back to Shoreham with our ETA probably about 22.00.  Full details of the trip can be found on our Facebook page.

Medway trip

A video of our ‘pitch’n’paddle’ trip on the Medway earlier this Summer.

All filming and post production credits to Dave 🙂